The Backyard and the View of Cape Blomidon

Spacious, private garden

Our house in Wolfville has a sprawling backyard with old gardens and apple trees. It's a lovely place to sit and relax or to take a stroll. The property occupies half a block, which offers you a lot of privacy.

A BBQ, lawn furniture and lawn games are provided.

Legendary view of Blomidon

The fabled cliff of Cape Blomidon is the headland of the ridge known as the North Mountain that protects the fertile Annapolis Valley from the Bay of Fundy's wind and tides. It draws the eye from wherever it can be seen. You will find yourself contemplating Blomidon's serene watch over the ever-changing tides of the Minas Basin from the dining room as you eat breakfast, and from the kitchen as you prepare a delicious meal with ingredients from the Farmers' Market. The view changes with the light, the cloud cover, and the state of the sea.

The backyardRental home and gardenFlowers

enjoying the back yardhouse from further down the lawn, with apple blossomGarden

Flowers in front of the vacation rental houseGardenSteps from parking

View of Cape BlomidonCape Blomidon view, autumnWinter view

Sunset over BlomidonFor more photos of Cape Blomidon, see the photo essay, Focus on Blomidon on